Fluoride in Water

It seems inevitable that this topic arises year on year, Ireland is the only EU country that  supports  a mandatory policy of adding fluoride to drinking water. It arrives in our taps  and our only choice is to filter it out at point of use. This can be performed to a level but it is very difficult to remove altogether , ‘Crystale Roc Eco’  pre-packaged water filtration kit from  tapandwaterfilters.com is one  product that can help solve the problem. There have been many studies into the addition of Fluoride to water and many advocates of it are convinced that adding this chemical to the water supply is good for teeth. Many of our customers who are concerned about their health with stomach and kidney complaints consider fluoride in drinking water  to be a danger to their health.  In a recent article in The Irish Independent, it was stated that there is a growing amount of evidence linking fluoride to cancer, osteoporosis and genetic damage:

In an article recently published in Hot Press, Professor Daniel M. Merfield stated that fluoridation was ineffective and also that it was an uncontrolled dose , the article suggested that this practise began before the side effects were known and that application to teeth was more effective than ingestion.

In another study conducted by Harvard University it was suggested that ‘significantly lower’ IQ scores were present in areas where fluoride levels were highest. The report supported a plausibility of findings against a control that relatively  higher intake of the chemical on a consistent basis may cause neurodevelopment damage.

It seems there are many studies and ongoing concerns by the general public about fluoride in our water however there does not seem to be enough specific information to show it is not good for our health.  Rudolf Ziegelbecker , a scientist at the Environmental Research Centre in Austria declared in an open letter to Medical Research Council in 1990  “ There is no valid scientific evidence for the benefits” referring to Water Fluoridation and Health.

If concerned about the issue purchase an ‘under the sink’ filtration system or a pre-packaged kit and only drink water from this source. These cartridges are usually inter-changable, easily fitted and can be combined with chlorine  and sediment filters to improve the taste  and smell of your water.  It should be worth noting that fluoride is present in many toothpaste  products also except some of the older brands. If it is a concern this might also be an area to address.

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