Bibloc Water Softener

Bibloc Water Softener

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Product Description

Water softeners are installed on cold water pipes and they change the physical and chemical composition of the water, reducing the concentration of calcium and magnesium, which cause scaling.

The purpose of water softeners is to provide maximum protection against scaling in pipes and other systems. As the water flow is softened, the resins gradually become saturated with calcium and magnesium.
Regeneration is then necessary, to recharge the resins with sodium ions, using a sodium chloride solution or brine (salt and water) that the water softener takes from a salt box. Regeneration is activated automatically, during the night, by an automatic device integral with the softener hydraulic head. There are two regeneration activation modes:

  • as a function of volumes consumed (volume mode)
  • as a function of elapsed time (time mode)

Major Advantages of the water softener

  • Protects pipes, sanitary wear and household electrical appliances from scaling
  • Maintains household sanitary systems at their nominal performance level
  • Water contact is gentler on the skin when washing or taking a shower or bath (body and hair)
  • Softened water is recommended for trouble-free operation of Jacuzzis, steam baths and domestic hydrotherapy baths
  • It makes household linen and clothes softer and leaves dishes without marks
  • It eliminates the need for descaling or softening crystals


  • Max. system pressure: 4 bars (install a pressure regulator).
  • Electrical power supply: 230 V with transformer (supplied).
  • Volume and/or time control of regeneration.
  • Displays the volume of water remaining to be softened.
  • Instantaneous flow display.
  • Mixing built into the softener head.
  • Settings are saved in the event of a power cut.
  • Salt compartment with wide filler hatch.
  • Noryl softener head.
  • Regeneration: 4 phases.
  • Supplied with brine drain pipe.
  • Bypass built into the valve.
  • Automatic chlorination to disinfect the resins.
  • Filtration system supplied with the unit.

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