Rain Water Recovery Unit

BIO RAIN – Rain Water Harvester

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Product Description

Recovering rain water is being widely adopted. Especially as it is encouraged by Europe, through directive 200/60/EC.

Recovered water can be used in the secondary system, resulting in significant savings on everyday household consumption:

  • toilet
  • washing machine
  • housework
  • swimming pool
  • watering the garden

The water collected in your tank is transferred from the tank to your Bio-rain system.

It is filtered a first time by a washable filter. This filter traps all matter in suspension exceeding 90 μm. The water then passes through a micro-porous (active carbon) filter, which filters out all impurities bigger than 10 μm and gets rid of unpleasant smells through an absorption process. Thus micro-pollution particles exceeding 10 μm are trapped by this cartridge.

Finally, the UVCs perform their antibacteria function. They continuously kill the NDA and NRA of the micro-organisms and viruses present in the water, without using chemical substances.

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