Magnetic Scaling Inhibitor

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Product Description

The magnetic scaling inhibitor protects floor-mounted boilers, wall-mounted boilers, instantaneous or drum water heaters, pipe systems and sanitary and household equipment against the risk of scaling.
It maintains the efficiency and performance of household water heating systems, thus avoiding excessive energy consumption.
The Comap WTI scaling inhibitor is a valuable asset in a private house.

Effective protection of pressurised systems against scaling.
- Gradual descaling of old systems.
- Physical process that leaves all the minerals and
trace elements present in the water.
- Preservation of drinking water qualities and of
its calcium- carbon balance.
- No maintenance required.
- Operates without electricity.

 Principle of operation
When water passes through the system, Comap WTI magnetic scaling inhibitors use permanent magnets to create powerful magnetic fields, the lines of which are concentrated and guided through the water. Under the effect of these magnetic fields, the mineral salts (calcium and magnesium) dissolved in the water start to crystallise and remain in suspension, in the water, in this form of “microscopic scaling”, until the water leaves the system.

The inhibitor thus prevents hard scaling from forming and also gradually descales older systems.
Technical Characteristics
- Connection: ¾” M gas.
- Max. pressure: 6 bars.
- Max. water temperature: 70°C.
- Max. water hardness: 40°F or 20°dH.

Standard Installation
The magnetic scaling inhibitor should be installed immediately upstream of the equipment being protected. Selecting the appropriate model depends on the maximum instantaneous flow through the equipment being protected.
Model 510206 can be installed in any position, with the water flow in either direction.
Model 510306 should be installed horizontally or vertically and the water inlet and outlet positions should be as specified.


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