PROTEO 5 in 1 Water Filter

Proteo 5 in 1

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Proteo 5 in 1 Water FilterPROTEO 5 in 1 Treatment Station is essential for obtaining healthy, pleasant water from your taps. With PROTEO, you are entering the new age of water, by investing in a source of well-being for your whole building.

PROTEO is the only water treatment station capable of improving the quality of water throughout the house on 5 filtration levels. It’s easy to install on the water supply and it is particularly adapted to individual dwellings with several water supply points in 2 bathrooms.

The water does not undergo any chemical treatment and preserves its original minerality. Water remains drinkable and rich in calcium carbonates and mineral salts essential for health.

  1. PROTEO does not diffuse any excess sodium in the drink water as with softeners.
  2. PROTEO is Ecological – it does not us any salt and does not discard sodium as with softeners.
  3. PROTEO is Economical – You will spend approx. €1 per month for electricity and you will save on buying bottled water.
  4. PROTEO is space saving – it’s being fixed onto the wall – no space required on the ground.
  • Improving the quality of water throughout the house on 5 filtration levels
  • No chemical treatment (water keeps its original minerality)
  • Removing bacteria by UV action
  • Reduces the presence of pesticides and herbicides
  • Eliminates the bad taste of chlorine by adsorption
  • Filters the water and retains impurities by fine membrane filtration
  • Removes scaling and descales the installation by electric fields

It is recommended to use a Pre-Filtration unit in front of PROTEO 5 in 1 Station if the well is used as a source of water.

You will get FREE Water Test (Refund Basis) when you buy PROTEO 5 in 1 Treatment Station.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please feel free to contact us.

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