Torayvino MK2 Water Filter

Torayvino MK2

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Torayvino MK2 - filters out Chlorine, Pesticides, Bacteria

Using the double filtering system, TORAYVINO achieves excellence in water quality and taste.

The Torayvino MK2 water purifier uses high-performance activated carbon in its filter. The granular activated carbon has a tremendous number of cracks and holes on the surface that absorb smells of water; it removes the chlorine smell and residual chlorine to make pure and tasty water.

  • All fittings required to fit the tap filter come in the box
  • Can be installed in two minutes (on Standard mixed Tap)
  • Will filter hot & cold water on a defuser tap (i.e. two taps one spout)
  • The Tap filter will filter out Odours, Chlorine, Pesticides, Bacteria and non dissolved Minerals
  • The Filtration effect is equivalent to reverse osmosis with out any wasted water ( Reverse Osmosis uses water to clean the filter in the process, for every 1 litre filtered water produced 5 litres go to drain. )
  • There are 3 settings a) Filtered b) non Filtered c) Saver
  • The Save Setting can reduce water consumption by 30%
  • Water is filtered at point of source so no waste.
  • Granular activated carbon removes residual chlorine and odours.
  • Hollow fibre membrane traps microscopic impurities, red rust particles, caliform bacilli, bacteria and protozoa.


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