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  • Sterilises the water by removing bacteria by UVc action.
  • Soft treatments without chemical products: the water does not undergo any chemical treatment as with chlorine and preserves its original taste; the water remains drinkable and rich in mineral salts essential for health.
  • Ecological: does not discard any chemical products into the environment.
  • Installation: very easy to install in less than an hour on the water supply pipe.
  • Ease of maintenance: lamp to be changed once a year.
  • Integrated hour counter.
  • High-quality product, traceability, CE, inspected by the CRECEP, 3-year guarantee (excluding lamp and consumables).

Derived from new water treatment technologies, UVc sterilizers are the result of new technologies for the treatment of water and are appliances that act against the micro-organisms contained incidentally in drinking water such as bacteria,viruses, fungi, mould, etc.

The appliances are designed in two parts: the treatment chamber and the electrical module. The dimensions of the treatment chamber are designed to guarantee optimal efficiency. Through its power, the electrical module is adapted to the flow of water to be treated.

The water is bacteriologically healthy when it leaves the device. Unlike other treatments, UVc sterilization is an efficient process that has the advantage of not treating the water with chemicals. The lamps emit a wavelength equal to 253.7 nm.

The emitted frequency acts on the NDA (bactericidal effect) and the NRA (bacteriostatic effect) of the living cells.

The water to be sterilized circulates between the chamber’s internal wall and the UVc lamp’s protection quartz cover whichis not in direct contact with the water. The chamber’s geometry allows the water to perform a spiral movement which increases the duration of micro-organism exposure to the UVc, thus making the action even more efficient.

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